Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Go jump in a lake.

We went to a small local lake today. It wasn't impressive, but it was cool and wet and passably clean. We have some cousins staying with us right now and they tried talking all three kids into jumping in with them. Hannah jumped in and had to be pulled out, but it's Ains who's killing me in this picture. I don't know why she was pretending to be mad, but that face is pure Ainsley - trying not to giggle while trying to look intimidating.

Gray refused to jump in with them, but was more than willing to be their cheerleader.

He was especially enthusiastic in cheering their practice jump.

And then the actual jump!

My #$#* camera and I miscommunicated about when exactly I wanted the picture to be taken. Ah, well. We'll just grab another one.

Or not. Ainsley got water in her eyes. Her cousin put goggles on her and tried talking her into trying again...

But it didn't work. We ended up getting a great shot of the remaining three.

Which was lucky since Hannah got water in her nose and wouldn't have wanted to try again.


Darcel said...

Looks very refreshing!

James and Jessi McCalvy said...

The older girls' suits are so cute! Guess it has been a million years since I've been suit shopping. What fun to have extra help? around!