Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Current Inspirations

I just read about Irena Sendler. During WWII she saved 2,500 Jewish children by smuggling them out of the Warsaw Ghetto, providing them with false documents, and sheltering them in individual and group children's homes outside the Ghetto. She was captured, tortured, and lived to see some of the children she saved reunited with their families. Beautiful woman.

And I want to go here - Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia.

The kids and I have been drawing cartoons. We got some cool templates here.

Gearing up for International Day of Peace on September 21 and the Pinwheels for Peace project that we always do.

Spending way too much time on Pinterest.

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Cindy's Custom Creations said...

What an interesting timing of this post as I just finished reading "The Hiding Place", a book following the life of Corrie Ten Boom, who ran an underground operation to save Jews in Holland during the war. She was arrested and lived in several concentration camps as a result.

It amazes me the courage that some of these women had and makes me hope I can have that same kind of courage!