Monday, August 22, 2011

One of those days.

We had a long, long weekend out of town - starting on Thursday. By this morning, I was wiped out. When Gray got me up at seven this morning, I wasn't sure I was going to make it. When Hannah started describing in detail how tired I looked and snapped my picture, I wasn't sure I wanted to make it.

(She snapped my picture to document the hairstyle she did for me.)

We ended up making a full day of it anyway. We rearranged the girl's room and moved Hannah's style desk up there. Cleaned the hamster cages. Made popcorn, peanut butter sandwiches, stuffed zucchini, and innumerable breastfeeding sessions for Zander. Watched Star Trek cartoons (Did you know there were Star Trek cartoons? There are. And they're horribly awesome.) and Hello Kitty. Hula hooped.

Bounced on a little trampoline and made bracelets. Played "make the baby giggle until he goes to sleep". Played dolls and trains. I refused to put a cat in a backpack. Read lots of superhero and vehicle books. Made Lincoln Log houses for the dolls. Seven times. Played in the hammock.

Played on scooters and trikes and bikes. Played with kittens and Bella. Went to go check on the baby barn swallows. Hannah tried to put Ainsley and Gray down for a nap. She failed. Unless you count hysterical giggling as napping. Then she did pretty dang good.

Told stories with cookie cutters. Had a tea party. Talked about alliteration. Got silly with alliteration. Finally waved the white flag, loaded everyone in the truck and drove to town to buy ice cream cones. When Matt came home, this is how the living room looked.

What I love about this mess, though, is that every single thing I see in that picture was out because it was played with, not because it just got thrown around - which has been known to happen. There's the backpack (sans kitty), the books, the cookie cutters, the thread. There's the dollhouse and all of the horses and Lincoln Logs used in doll play. There's Zander. He's never been just thrown around, but he was played with.

What I also love about this mess is that it took ten minutes, tops, to clean it up. Hooray for having boxes and hooks and places for everything! (Once again, Zander should not be included in that - we don't have a box, hook, or place for him.)

We'll pull it all out tomorrow. Especially Zander.

As for me? I am still wiped. out.


MamaTea said...

"There's Zander. He's never been just thrown around, but he was played with."

You make me giggle! So glad the mess had a purpose. :) Those kinds of messes are beautiful!

Hope you get a chance to unwind!

Stephanie said...

Awesome post, Sarah!
Love this. :) All of it. 'Specially the funnies.

Cindy's Custom Creations said...

Told stories with cookie cutters. Hilariously awesome!

verdemama said...

Sweet post. I have had many days like that, except the Star Trek cartoons. I didn't know about those :)