Wednesday, January 25, 2012

niū jiǎn chū detective agency

The name combines China and detecting, perfect for her.

妞 niū "little girl"

检出 jiǎn chū "to detect / to examine and discover / to sense"

Inspired by a pin I saw on Pinterest, this was my gift to Ainsley for Christmas. Her own detective kit. She's always asking if we have a mystery for her to solve and saying "Trust me. I can solve this."

I made up business cards for her with her agency name on them. They say "International Private Investigator. Based out of Idaho and China." I also made up a Detective Pass for her to wear at crime scenes. It has her catchphrase printed on it.

Other things I included were brushes, evidence bags, fingerprint lifting tape, a magnifying glass, and a flashlight.

Also, a fingerprint stamp pad, homemade fingerprint cards (our entire family has now been finger and toe printed), evidence swabs, a pen, and a detective journal.

She loved it, but it took awhile to grow on her. The Chinese calligraphy set took up most of her time for the first week after Christmas, but then she became a full-time detective. So much so that a week later I put this up on Facebook: "I made Ainsley a detective kit for Christmas. Today she came up to me and said "Mommy, I wish I could go back to the good old days when I wasn't a detective and everybody in the entire world and all of China didn't want me to solve their problems. 'Just find your own stuff', I want to say! It's just exhausting, Mommy. EXHAUSTING!" And she falls on the floor spread-eagled. Which you can't blame her for because she's exhausted. I really shouldn't have asked her to find my camera two minutes later."

Now it's down to a more manageable level. And she needs a new notebook.


Lindsay said...

I love this! Amazing! And I love Ainsley too, even though I've never met her. ;)

Stephanie said...

So fine! So many wonderful ideas!... I'll come here if ever Maddie takes up detective work!
Maybe she can apprentice for Ains!

Cindy's Custom Creations said...

That is all sorts of awesomeness!

Melissa said...

That is The last paragraph had me full-on belly laughing.

Debbie said...

I'm a little late to the game here (trying to catch up) but DAMN...this was funny. I agree with Lindsay, I love, love, love you you. And the FB status made me howl glad to re-read it. HYSTERICAL! xoxo

Anonymous said...

It's been a while since I've visited your blog! Wow, the kids seem to have grown soooo much.

My two older ones (9 and 12) had a phase earlier this year of being detectives, also. The two of them went off searching and finding clues, writing down stuff, and generally making up intricate stuff on the fly. It kept them busy for HOURS, and had me in stitches. :) Especially when they didn't realize I was listening in, so they were very un-self-conscious about the role playing.