Monday, January 9, 2012

Today was a good day.

I saw that on a poster on another blogger's wall in her home. 'Today was a good day.' I like that.

Today *was* a good day.

Finding fantastic apps for an iPad - it's amazing what is out there!

Making a 'Fun Family Things in 2012' poster for the wall. We're going to go camping. A lot.

Neighbors coming over to play all day.

Getting a model train to run!

Chili dogs because my girls are obsessed with Sonic the Hedgehog who is obsessed with chili dogs.

Dance performances. A growing girl who insists on watching Mamma Mia in her own room with the door closed to dance and sing by herself.

Beginning of the year budget review and planning fun stuff for the future.

NCIS episode after the kids are in bed.

Today was a very good day.


Danni said...

Oh, I loved reading each and every one of the things that made your day a good one. I'm such a list-girl anyway, but if they make a friend of mine happy...well, I love the list even more!
Any chance we might happen to run into each other in 2012? Just wondering if maybe that is anywhere on the list...

Darcel said...

Your kids are getting so big! Sounds likely really was a good day. I love NCIS need to do some catching up online.

LauraX said...

I love that your big girl wants her private time to dance and sing and is a mark of true independence, imagination and growth.