Monday, February 13, 2012

10 pictures quick post.

Today was...

Playing under blankets.

Making 'old' paper.
Making pompom bunny tails.
Pulling Zander on a blanket. Everyone's new favorite game.
Checking on the tadpoles.

Trampoline and train play.
I can't even explain this one.

Visiting the South Pole. It's cold down there. If you don't take your own votive candle, you could freeze to death. True story.


Crafting. Zander's even got a seat at the table! Mostly he just giggles, but sometimes he throws stuff. Hannah tried to glue his hand to a piece of paper. We like to make him feel involved. He likes to try to eat paper.

Our day in 10 pictures.


MamaTea said...

What a fabulous fun time it looks like you're all having. And I can't imagine anyone NOT wanting to pull Zander along on a blanket! What a GREAT time! :)

Debbie said...

"We like to make him feel involved." Snort. Love it.

Stephanie said...

Loooove that table chaos! :) When our table has seen 5500 things on it, it's usually been a good day!