Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentine's Day

Ainsley has Chinese New Year, Hannah has Valentine's Day. A day to celebrate love - she was born for that. So her Daddy has stepped up to the challenge. Every year he gets all of us flowers and last year he made us heart waffles for breakfast.

This year, though, he went all out. Decorated the house with the girls and then quarantined us in my bedroom for two hours. Two. Hours.

He had Grayson come get us one by one and give us the flowers.

Matt lit the candles. (Ainsley was the only one of us who dressed for the occasion.)

Zander laughed at all of us.

Then we got to sit down for dinner.

All of us girls love seafood so he made us a dinner with favorites for each of us - pan fried lemon shrimp, halibut, garlic mashed potatoes, and bacon asparagus. And sparkling cider, of course.

So very good.

The girls said thank you and he said "I like to spoil my girls once a year and make dinner." Which is funny because he loves making dinner, so he does it every night that he's home. Which worked out better for me when he wasn't working nights. I'm just saying, making dinner wasn't unusual for him - making such a fancy dinner, though, was. I'm not a big one for romantic Valentine's Day celebrations. He's winning me over, though.

(Hannah's picture of us. It was a close-up.)

And Zander just laughed at all of us.


Cindy's Custom Creations said...

That is soooo sweet! The dinner sounds yummy- and I love the sparkling cider in the plastic cups. :-)

marcie said...

So sweet!

Danni said...

Ohmygosh - such a beautiful post! And very funny, too..that Zander's got quite a sense of humor, doesn't he?
Matt is such a great guy - I love the pic of him lighting the candle (and, of course, the one of the two of you!)

Debbie said...

This was so lovely. LOVE the pic of you and Matt. And the one of Ainsley all dressed up...CUTE. Zander is adorable.

Mrs. Simpson said...

I must have your Hannah. So sweet and thoughtful. I adore her.

Anonymous said...

You are beautiful. Your children are as well, and I love your pictures...totally my style.