Monday, September 24, 2012

And then she was six.

My Ainsley sprite is six years old.

She's been waiting for this one for the last few months. She didn't want to turn five and grow up, but she's been wanting to turn six.

She wanted to lose her first tooth before she was six. Done!

She wanted to read a book all by herself before she turned six. She did the night before. And then bounced on the bed for 10 minutes out of excitement.

She wanted to be a 'little girl soccer player' before she became a 'big girl soccer player'. Done.

And now I'm sitting here wondering how it happened. It wasn't six years ago that we met her for the first time, I'm sure of it.
 But here we are.
 Potty trained and everything. Course that was done by 18 months. The doll took a little bit longer. She had to 'splain things to her.

 She dropped right into our hearts. When asked who her favorite friend was today, Hannah said "Ainsley, of course."

Here she thought it was important that her pony get introduced to Hannah's pony.


I tried to limit this post to one picture per year. I really, really did.
 But it wasn't happening.

 Sorry about that.

 Just look at her, wishing on the first star of the night. On her horse's back.

 With her daddy.
 And her baby brother.

 She's so beautiful, inside and out.

 And she's hilarious. And mischievous. And she gave me the idea to start yet another blog that I'm so enjoying.

 Happy Birthday Ainser girl. My life would be so much duller without you. I certainly wouldn't get my daily dose of laughter in without you. I love you.