Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mushroom hunting.

Ainsley and I found mushrooms on one of our walks together. Five different kinds!

 This one was pretty. That black underneath it is moist ink. You can see my hands are already dirty from it.

This one had a beautiful rose colored underside - hard to see in the picture.

There were lots of these around. Some in clusters like these.

And some alone like this very tall one.

And this kinda tall one. (Ainsley picked the pictures for this post.)

 These were my favorite - teeny tiny button mushrooms all over one of the trees.

We don't know enough about mushrooms to pick ones to eat, so we just explored for the fun of it. Ainsley asked "Are most mushrooms poisonous?" I told her that most are harmless, some are yummy, and a few are poisonous but the poisonous ones are deadly very fast, so no experimenting with mushrooms. Then we had to have the discussion again with the other kids when we got home with what we'd found.

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Miranda said...

I don't know your area, obviously, but the first one looks like a shaggy mane (a.k.a. inky cap). If you can confirm the identification they are definitely edible, but you need to get to them before they get the inky stuff and eat them immediately.