Saturday, October 13, 2012

What we've been learning this week:

The Great Fire of London.

More Pokemon games - a lot of math and social skills and risk-taking and risk-measuring and calculated thinking going on there.

Diet - learning about how different foods affect the different bodies in our family, about the tastes of different family members, about what foods blend well together, about matching what we want to eat to how much money we have.

I've been learning about Ainsley's constellations. They're quite different from the ones I know. Funnier. Better stories.

Costuming - figuring out Halloween costumes. Printing inspiration pictures, figuring out fabric yardage, shopping for patterns.

The size of an atom:

That's just cool.

More about Indy Cars than I thought I'd ever want to know. More to come, I'm sure.

Reading - proud girls reading whatever they can get their hands on, trying out their skills in every area of their life. Figuring out the little idiosyncrasies and funny tricks in the English language.

Conspiring with their Uncle Dale to find people that need our help.

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