Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Today we made a boat. It wasn't terribly seaworthy.

Today was a low-key kinda day. It started out slow and easy with reading and drawing and cars and trains ....

and the jump house. Ainsley used it as her fortune-telling tent with her kitty tarot cards.

Then Zander and Gray and I went to the pavilion across the road to practice scootering (Zander) and riding a bike without training wheels (Grayson). When the girls joined us with balloons, an hour-long water fight began.

Then it was back to the jump house for Ainsley, bike practice for Grayson, and playing with cars in the camp trailer for Zander. Hannah and I worked on one of the MAKE Summer Camp projects for this week, a soda pop bottle boat.

 We took it over to test in the swimming pool. We need to make some adjustments.

While we worked on the boat, Hannah and I talked about random things and had a really interesting conversation about what our country might look like if the Civil War had gone the other direction, or if it hadn't happened - if the Southern states had been allowed to leave and form their own country. We talked about me not meeting her daddy because I likely would have had to have gotten a passport to move to Idaho, whether or not slavery would still exist in the Confederacy, whether I would be racist, having been raised in the Confederacy, whether *I* would have even been raised in the South because my parents are both from Idaho, whether the Confederacy would be a lot richer than the Union due to the Southern states having the majority of the oil (this thought came about because I told her my family moved to Oklahoma because of my dad's job with an oil company).... it was a really interesting discussion.

After the pool, we had dinner, went for a walk with the dogs, read books, made sugar cookie dough for tomorrow morning, and everyone but Ainsley (my night owl) and Zander (who took a late nap) went to bed.

Ainsley and Zander played quietly outside while I read on the porch in the cool night air. One lovely thing about Idaho is how cool the evenings get, even after very hot days. Then Zander curled up beside me for 'hug time' and Ainsley sat beside me drawing in her ideas journal - a picture of us sitting on the porch. It was one of those moments when life just felt so good.

I cherish these unexpected moments with just one or two of my children.

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Amy Dingmann said...

The boat is amazingly cool and I think you've inspired my boys for a project today. :) Lovely days you have!