Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Lions and tigers and .... lemurs?

This morning we had a neighbor boy over who made a comment about how many stuffed animals we had.

Of course that led to us throwing all of our stuffed animals on the couch on top of everyone ...

and then sorting them to see what we had. How many kids can you see?


As you can see, 'mammals' won. Poor insects only had two - a caterpillar and a ladybug. (We use this website to create our graphs.)

We do have an odd assortment of animals. I wouldn't think most people would have a stuffed lemur, but we have four. I think we have a problem. Also, four turtles. And two walruses. A rhinoceros. Two coyotes. A hedgehog, an elk, five deer, a lobster, three crabs, and a manatee.

When you break them all down, we have more dogs than anything else.

After putting them all back in their hammocks, we went for our daily swim.

Then we pulled out our jump house and after a few hours of playing in that, Ainsley set up a bed.

There was a tea party.

 and hooping.

 Then we went for another swim. Our city pool is right across the park.

Then baths and books and bed.

Except for Ainsley who needed to study more of her Chinese words.

 I need to learn the Chinese word for 'sleep'.


Laura/CenterDownHome said...

I love this glimpse of your day!

Amy Dingmann said...

Sleep, no doubt! What a very full life you have! My boys always had the oddest stuffed animals. Makes life far more interesting. :)

Anonymous said...

Adorable. We always had a sea of stuff animals here too! We were heavy into dogs and sea animals. Wish we would have had the cool graphing website. That would have been fun. :)

James and Jessi McCalvy said...

I'm guessing that the lobster and crabs went under miscellaneous... There were so many ways to break down that pile of stuffed fun!