Friday, August 16, 2013

From poison confetti to mosaics.

Thursdays are the days we spend most of our time 'in town', a 45 minute drive away, for Hannah's violin lesson, library run, shopping, seeing family, going to the (only) museum. So we don't have much to say for these days, but today we:

1) We went to Hannah's violin lesson.

2) We played games for hours with a cousin. Pipe cleaners, yarn, and lace were made into guns, swords, poison confetti, smoke bombs, sleeping powder, handcuffs, and probably at least 3 other deadly items that I've forgotten.

3) We took Ainsley to a bookstore to get an early birthday present with the coupon they sent her. She used it to buy a stuffed puppy.

4) We survived a near-atomic meltdown from tired-growing-nothing-is-feeling-good-right-now toddler. Poor baby.

Here are some other highlights:

Zander was very proud of the helmet he made for when he rides his bike in the house. You can tell how much movement he can actually achieve on the bike - my border collie is asleep with her nose in front of the tire.

We've got these little piles of yarn wherever the girls have been sitting for the last 3 days. Hannah's loved braiding for years, but Ainsley just barely learned and she braids every time she sits still enough to hold three strands of yarn. So it's not often, but when she is sitting, she is braiding.

Ainsley and Hannah and I have been taking an art course (Bloom and Shine, Beauty Seekers) for the last two weeks, with daily assignments. It's been so fun to sit down with them each day for 10 or 15 minutes to do something that stretches me creatively. This time we were doing a mosaic from magazine pictures.

Mine was from National Geographic magazines.

Hannah's (on the left) is from a violin magazine, and Ainsley's (on the right) is from a girl scout magazine.

Zander's is just a big ol' pile of glue and paper.

It wore him right out. At 6 p.m. Which is why I have time tonight to write a blog post. I'm sitting here awake, waiting for him to get tired again after waking up from his nap at 9 p.m.

Our swimming pool is open until 10:30 p.m., and it's right across the park from our house, so when he woke up I took him over to see if he wanted to get in with his dad and siblings. Ainsley now has no problem passing the swim test to get in the deep end, Hannah can hold her breath almost 3/4 of the way across the pool, Grayson's practicing swimming on his back and can swim past where his feet touch, and Zander is jumping in whether you're ready or not. At 9:30, everyone was ready to come home and go right to bed - that's the good thing about swimming at night - everyone except for Zander.