Monday, January 13, 2014

Rockets and the moon.

Grayson's new interest. Rockets, astronauts, the moon, the planets, stars, and Abraham Lincoln. Yeah, that last one is a bit one-of-these-things-is-not-like-the-others.

He's still really into dinosaurs, but he got more into the space-themed interests on Astronomer's New Year (the day that the earth is closest to the sun in its rotation). Abraham Lincoln he picked out randomly from a picture list of the presidents. The man does have a stand-out beard.

Here are some cool resources we've looked at frequently over the last week.

The Ebb spacecraft, which has been orbiting around the moon, crashed into a moon mountain in December. This link, at Wired Science, has video footage as it comes in close to the moon's surface. Fascinating. We found it looking for information about the moon's craters.

This page (at has a great gif of the sun, good information, and some interesting videos. Grayson drank it all in.

This page (at has more information than you thought you needed about the moon and its craters.

This page has video footage of a meteor smashing into the moon in 2013. Very cool.

This Indian educational video about the moon had Grayson spellbound.

This video shows a rocket launch. Gray stayed tuned for the whole 11 minutes, but if you want the highlights, the rocket launches at 1:25, the first fuel tanks fall off at 3:37, and the rocket detaches at the 10:00 mark.

Now I can close all of my tabs on my browser and just come here for the links!

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Danni said...

I love how his interest have expanded! Such an amazing boy.
I miss you guys...